Solution search, modeling & simulation, feasibility analysis

When development-supporting simulations are used at an early stage in innovative projects, this increases the efficiency of the development process. Among other things, we conduct variant studies and sensitivity analyses with simplified simulation models to accompany the solution searches. This approach reduces the number of wrong decisions and enables savings of time and costs right from the start.

The calculation methods used efficiently deepen knowledge of physical relationships. In this way, we form the basis for systematic improvement of the structural, thermal, fluid-dynamic, electrical, or magnetic properties of a product or system.

With our computational methods, the feasibility of the developed product is validated in advance. This reduces risks regarding requirements fulfillment.

In the course of the development process, the number of prototypes can be reduced by modeling and simulation and costly optimization loops on physical models can be avoided. As a result, market readiness is possible in a shorter time.

For many products, such as rail vehicles, proof of safety over the planned service life is an integral part of the approval process. In these cases, we support you with the required verification reports for the attention of the authorities.

Core services

Solution Searches

During solution searches, we conduct variant studies and sensitivity analyses together with you.

Modeling & Simulation

In the area of modeling & simulation, we focus on the following services:

  • System models
  • FE analyses
  • CFD simulations
  • Multi-body simulations

Feasibility Analysis

Proofs are a central element of technology development. We provide proof of feasibility, strength, or test concept, for example.

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