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Helbling PLM Solutions is your partner for the continuous and reliable operation of your CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE platform®. With our experienced support team we offer professional support for implementations, training and personal hotline support.

We support you from the installation of the software to the targeted maintenance of all services and advise on the monitoring of system-relevant services. In order to map your specific processes, we further support you with configurations and specific implementations.








To ensure that the development platform can be used and operated optimally, we train your employees specifically in the use of the platform. This enables your users to effectively use our solutions.

The customer's IT department is supported and guided by our experienced and well-trained support staff in their responsibility of secure operation.










PLM Services (VR)

Core services


In our training center in Zurich, we train you in a pleasant atmosphere so that all your employees, depending on their function, are optimally prepared for the efficient use of your systems and solutions.

Our individual training offers are characterized by the fact that they are individually tailored to you depending on your requirements and needs. We can also train your employees at your premises or online.

Periodic class courses are available to all interested parties at attractive conditions.

With our support, you can become certified in the use of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform®. Your certificate proves your skills in the application, be it at Associate or Professional level.

Helbling is a certified Education Partner of Dassault Systèmes.

course dates & register

Course dates 2024

07.05.2024 | 1 Tag | V5 Sheetmetal Design | V5_SM_2/24 | Register

13.05.2024 | 5 Tage | V6 Basic course| V5_GK_2/24 | Register

28.05.2024 | 3 Tage | V6 Transition course | V6_TR_2/24 | Register

11.06.2024 | 2 Tage | V5 Surface basic | V5_FB_2/24 | Register

18.06.2024 | 2 Tage | V5 FEM components| V5_FEMP_2/24 | Register

02.07.2024 | 1 Tag | V5 Surface advanced | V5_FA_2/24 | Register

08.07.2024 | 5 Tage | V5 Basic course| V5_GK_3/24 | Register

26.08.2024 | 5 Tage | V6 Basic course | V6_GK_3/24 | Register

03.09.2024 | 3 Tage | V6 Transition course | V6_TR_3/24 | Register

17.09.2024 | 1 Tage | V5 Sheetmetal Design | V5_SM_3/24 | Register

24.09.2024 | 1 Tag | V5 Kinematic | V5_KIN_2/24 | Register

30.09.2024 | 5 Tage | V5 Basic course| V5_GK_4/24 | Register

29.10.2024 | 2 Tage | V5 FEM components| V5_FEMP_3/24 | Register

05.11.2024 | 1 Tag | V5 Surface advanced | V5_FA_3/24 | Register

18.11.2024 | 5 Tage | V6 Basic course | V6_GK_4/24 | Register

26.11.2024 | 2 Tage | V5 Surface basic | V5_FB_3/24 | Register

03.12.2024 | 1 Tag | V5 Kinematic | V5_KIN_3/24 | Register

We are happy to offer further courses or dates for your employees on request, please contact us. 


We support you in the implementation of your processes in connection with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform® on Cloud and on Premise.

We provide the 3DEXPERIENCE software® on your specific infrastructure and configure your system to fit your requirements. If customizations are needed, we implement them according to your requirements and test them thoroughly.

Our automated deployment method ensures that the configurations and implementations arrive on your production system in a reliable and process-safe manner.

Through our many years of experience, we offer you a professional system for your operational business.


With our hotline and support services we assist all our customers with high reactivity.

During the hotline hours we support the key users of our customers with high reactivity.

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