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A special feature of Helbling’s work is the symbiosis of design and engineering. Engineers work closely in interdisciplinary teams with their creative counterparts in industrial design, UX design, and usability engineering.

Helbling masters complex design and usability challenges innovatively and efficiently thanks to close interdisciplinary networking and short distances. We bring together our expertise to suit the needs of the project.

Core Services

Industrial design 

We bring function, ergonomics, and design with optimal interaction. The design tasks include the architecture of the product, its materials, and surfaces. We deal deeply with the meaning and purpose of the product, as well as its appearance and communication, create sketches, visualizations, and verify our ideas with design prototypes (mockups). Creating the functional and aesthetic aspects of the product from the very beginning and optimizing throughout to maturity is a factor for success.

User experience design 

Simple, intuitive, appealing – together with our customers, we create a user experience that inspires customers and users alike. We design complex applications and systems through intelligent interaction possibilities and an aesthetic design according to the individual needs of the users. These can be purely digital user interfaces (VR, screens) or combinations of digital and physical control elements.

Usability engineering 

We focus on the user by identifying needs and developing application scenarios. In doing so, we consider ease-of-use and risk minimization. The latter is a central element in the field of medical technology applications – anywhere that misuse can have serious consequences for humans.

Usability engineering for medical devices and combination products includes a formal process with research, analysis, evaluation, and documentation according to ISO 62366-1 and FDA requirements. These can be physical or digital products and, depending on the situation, can include elements of industrial design and/or UX design.

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