Long-term success always requires change. Megatrends also radically change market and competitive conditions and make business transformation necessary.

Other occasions are, for example:

  • Business model innovations of a company or business unit
  • Company-wide revenue optimization with growth and cost reduction elements
  • Digitization of the business model and the value chain
  • The creation of flexible and agile processes and organizational structures
  • The adaptation of the business model to achieve sustainability goals

We are your strong partner in these change situations. Our consulting services include all essential building blocks to make holistic adjustments to your business model.

With our effective strategies and efficient concepts, we ensure a sustainable future for your company. In addition, we support you in the consistent implementation of the measures up to the realization of success.

In addition to business know-how, our transformation experts have extensive knowledge in our focus industries and in technological as well as sustainability trends (ESG compliance).

Our way of working is hands-on and at eye level. We rely on excellent analytical expertise with digital tools combined with extensive management experience to take our customers to a higher level of performance in implementation.  

Benefit from our experience, our proven methods and procedures - together with you we secure the future of your company sustainably.

We Support You With Our Following Services:

Transformation strategy for defining the target image

  • At the beginning of the transformation strategy, we draw up the project plan for target image development together with you
  • Subsequently, we carry out strategic analyses of the initial situation in order to have a basis for the derivation of target image variants
  • In a next step, the developed target definitions are evaluated together with you in order to define the target image as a basis for decision-making for the necessary committees

Transformation planning and onboarding

  • After a positive decision by the boards, the transformation planning and onboarding of the responsible employees begins. We pay attention to the formulation and motivating communication of a convincing change story, because the goal is to win over the responsible level as best as possible and to inspire them for the transformation
  • In addition, we develop target group-specific communication concepts (in the sense of a change management approach) to involve and motivate the various employees in the project
  • A transformation master plan for the implementation phase is then developed with those responsible from your transformation team and structured in subproject plans to anchor the transformation in the affected areas of the company

Operational implementation support, Project Management Office - PMO

  • With the help of our PMO approach for operational implementation support, we relieve your management in day-to-day business and create the necessary transparency with digital tools
  • With our project management expertise and management experience, we take a structured approach and work at eye level with you
  • We enable you to achieve a higher level of performance in terms of processes, systems and personnel in order to secure the transformation sustainably

Interim Management - Head of Transformation

  • In combination with our PMO approach, we become part of your management and take care of the implementation of the transformation program through our external foresight
  • We are the mouthpiece for all stakeholders and, as a temporary expert, we also make any decisions that may be necessary

Stakeholder communication

  • Our experienced teams speak the language of all stakeholders, such as: Shareholders, financiers, trade credit insurers, employee representatives, stakeholders, investors
  • In order to win all these stakeholders for the transformation, we help you with the appropriate and credible communication

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