Calculation & simulation

We are your development partner for any questions relating to the modeling and simulation of highly complex systems, assemblies, and components. Simulations and calculations used at an early stage of the development process highlight any potential for improvement. They also anticipate the results of complex physical tests. With our help, you can derisk and achieve perfect results at the first attempt. This saves valuable time and costs during the development cycle, which is fundamental for launching your products much more quickly and positioning them successfully on the market.

FE & CFD analyses

Highly stressed structures form the backbone of many products, machines, plants, and systems. Personal safety is a central theme. We help our customers to develop verification concepts, perform FE analyses alongside the development process, develop welded, riveted, bolted, or bonded structures with an anti-fatigue design, and provide verification for licensing authorities. Our expertise in FE analysis is enhanced by many years of experience, from flow and thermal simulation of air-conditioning units in rail vehicles and the optimization of fans and pumps to enhanced condensation and vaporization in thermal systems.

Crash & multibody simulation

Product requirements such as lightweight construction, manufacture and series production costs, and the “time to market” are becoming increasingly demanding due to various economic and ecological constraints. The simulations we use mean that products are designed and arranged perfectly from the very outset. Additionally, they meet the highest requirements for safety and comfort. Crash simulations and complex multibody simulations are used in this to determine physical properties.

Multiphysics simulations

In reality, different physical phenomena often mutually influence one another. In order to predict and take this interaction into consideration during the development process, we use multiphysics simulations to calculate the effects of a combination of physical phenomena. We draw upon our knowledge in areas such as fluid structure interaction, thermal analysis, and structural mechanics or magnetohydrodynamic analysis. It enables us to make substantiated statements regarding the behavior of complex multiphysics systems already at the product development phase.

System simulation

System simulations allow the behavior of complex systems to be predicted. Based on changes at the level of subsystems, subassemblies, or components, the effects and their influences on a system level can be identified and predicted, and thus controlled, without performing expensive and time-consuming physical tests of the entire system. Such simulations not only increase the general system understanding but enable optimization of the system design. We support our clients with analytical and numerical methods in the modelling and simulation of their system.


The operating conditions and stresses actually occurring on products and infrastructures form the basis for new developments and optimizations. We perfect the process steps employed to measure and evaluate different physical variables. We then integrate these into our development process, whether to determine load assumptions and boundary conditions or to validate verified simulation models. In this way, we can ensure the quality of our simulation results as well as their reference to the stresses that occur during operation.

Simulations for Real Estate Projects

In the field of real estate projects, it is necessary today to do more than just comply with the regulative standards. Our goal is to help ensure that you get a building that is designed to meet your needs.

Find out from the very beginning how your building will react and how it will work. We achieve this by putting the building to the virtual test and provide you with a reliable basis for decision-making. For this, we prepare proofs of functionality and comfort by means of thermal building simulations and room air simulations (CFD), among other things for

  • Summer thermal insulation of real estate
  • Simulations for energy networks
  • Simulations for delivery systems for heating and cooling
  • Simulations for low-tech real estate
  • Simulations for parking ventilation systems
  • Simulations for smoke extraction concepts

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