In predevelopment, our focus is on proving the technical feasibility of core functions. When considering unprecedented technical solutions for core functions, functional models (FUMOs) or simulation models may be required. Requirements are examined regarding new solutions for the functions. With this, hitherto unused technologies can be needed to implement functions. In these cases, we recommend verifying these technologies or their technical implementation as part of predevelopment before actual product development begins. Support from specialized technology partners might be necessary in such cases. The outcome of predevelopment consists of functional models used to confirm the involved requirements are met. 

Ultimately, the concepts selected for the functions are verified with a focus on feasibility and performance. The core functions can be developed in parallel with the overall system. When doing so, it must be borne in mind that parallel development typically results in higher development costs, interconnected timelines, and function risks, which require careful alignment and planning.

Core Services

Consolidation of Customer Requirements

The main activities of predevelopment include recording of customer requirements and customer needs. We do so using a customer shortlist and questionnaires. In this phase, customer requirements are further analyzed, refined from a technical point of view, and translated into technical requirement specifications. 

Definition of the System 

Our experts support you with the following aspects:

  • Definition of product type (area of application, business field)
  • Description of system and subsystem boundaries
  • Description of functions and processes
  • Search and evaluation for solutions
  • Definition of interfaces between functions
  • Assessment of technical risks (FMEA) 

Definition of System Requirements 

In this step, a distinction is made between standard and extraordinary system use cases, such as foreseeable misuse. The detailed list of system requirements ultimately serves as the basis for defining the test concept.

Definition of the Overall 
Test Concept 

Based on the created system requirements, test procedures are determined in order to be able to verify the requirements. We differentiate between functional, nonfunctional, and regulatory requirements including standards. In the case of new technologies or extended requirements, functional models (FUMOs) or simulation models may be required, which we can use to carry out a proof of concept.

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