Our strong sense of commitment to sustainability therefore runs deep across all divisions of the Helbling Group. With our interdisciplinary approach and broad range of services, we have been making important contributions to improved sustainability for decades and are today optimally equipped to tackle future projects

Our sustainability activities are focused on three areas. We support clients from the sustainability sector by providing them with products and services in the fields of energy, mobility and efficiency. These include production and test equipment for the solar industry, innovative energy storage solutions, measures to extend the lifespan of transportation equipment, and agro-robotic solutions that dramatically reduce the use of herbicide.

Another of our focal areas is sustainable design. Here we work in line with the circular economy model to innovate and develop sustainable products and systems for clients from all kinds of sectors. Among these products are the toilet systems developed for the “Reinvent the Toilet Challenge” initiated by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, highly efficient electric powder presses, cutting-edge vacuum insulation technologies and digitally controlled heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Our third area of focus is sustainable processes. Our work here involves optimizing processes, infrastructures and organizations to make them more sustainable. So we come up with ways of optimizing energy consumption in the processing industry, develop anergy network solutions and sustainability concepts for the building services and engineering sectors, and improve the sustainability of company activities and those companies’ process chains.


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