We develop highly miniaturized products for a wide range of applications in the medical technology sector and other high-tech industries. When integrating complex technical functions, we draw from our broad knowledge in cutting-edge technologies and our ability to bridge the different engineering disciplines. Our extensive supplier network and lack of vested interest in any specific technology means that we are in the perfect position to provide you with unbiased technical solutions for your projects.

Precision mechanics

Micro-mechanical design involves the dimensioning and tolerancing of components and assemblies on a scale of micrometers. Our expertise covers:

  • Precision fabrication in metal and ceramics through traditional machining or forming as well as microfabrication methods
  • Small injection molded plastic parts
  • Additive fabrication (3D printing), e.g., selective laser sintering (SLS), extrusion, and electroforming
  • Miniaturized gear mechanisms and flexures
  • Hermetic encapsulation
  • Assembly and packaging technologies

Actuators & transducers

Customized systems mean that the greatest precision and efficient movement mechanisms can be integrated into products. Examples of these are active implants and surgical instruments. Our fields of competence include:

  • Resonant systems and acoustics
  • Piezoelectric and electromagnetic actuators
  • Shape memory actuators (SMA, SMP)

Microsystems (MEMS)

Our engineering activities range from neutral technology evaluation and selection to fully fledged custom chip design. In all cases, device specifications, fabrication processes, and system integration need to be equally considered and optimized to achieve a reliable result. Our portfolio includes:

  • Optical scanners
  • Silicon and glass components
  • Bonding technologies
  • Thin film coatings
  • Surface structuring and functionalization


Fluidic systems enable the manipulation of liquids and gases as well as the interaction of optical, mechanical, or electronical functions with these. For our customers, we develop the following:

  • Miniaturized drug delivery systems
  • Atomizers and evaporators
  • Design of fluidic components such as valves, filters, wicks, restrictors, seals, nozzles, or cuvettes
  • Integration of sensors

Development infrastructure

We rely on a comprehensive set of engineering and scientific software tools as well as a fully equipped lab infrastructure:

  • Finite element modeling and simulation
  • In-house prototyping and micro-assembly under a controlled environment
  • High precision measurement technology (electronics, mechanics, optics)

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