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Guiding principles

Innovating a sustainable future.

We create value for our clients and for ourselves through innovative services.

Clients are our livelihood

The various divisions of the Helbling Group tackle challenges in the fields of engineering and consulting.

We meet our clients’ needs for success and security with advice, project management, development services and implementation.

We develop long-term, service-oriented client relationships based on trust.

Whatever we do, we do it right

We strive to exceed our clients‘ expectations of our market services with respect, professionalism, expertise, high quality standards, commitment and trustworthy co-operation, as well as with the integrated business approach we take to solving problems.

From problem recognition to the implementation of the solution, our services are typified by client benefit, value creation, profitability, a systematic approach and a high degree of transparency.

We are committed to developing new market services within the scope of our group and sector strategies.

Our employees are forward-looking and enthusiastic innovators.

Employees make markets

We give our staff the freedom they need to develop top interdisciplinary teams and creative services.

Recruiting, integrating and empowering qualified, entrepreneurially minded and service-oriented employees is one of our prime tasks.

We inspire our employees over the long term by setting them challenging tasks.

We promote and nurture a corporate culture in which our employees feel comfortable and in which it is fun to achieve top results together.

We integrate a variety of mentalities, cultures and nationalities. We encourage diversity and difference, as a good mix of employees is key to our overall performance.

We practise performance-related compensation.

We develop the marketability of our employees by means of internal staff development and further education.

The way Helbling employees identify with our guiding principles is an essential precondition for working effectively in our company.

What we expect from our employees:

  • integrity
  • a high level of professional qualification
  • excellent social and interpersonal skills
  • willingness to meet increasingly high client demands
  • strong professional commitment
  • initiative and the ability to inspire others
  • sense of responsibility and loyalty towards clients and the company
  • willingness to co-operate within the Group
  • high degree of professionalism, both internally and externally
  • personal commitment to advanced education

We welcome a sound balance between professional and private interests.

Creating scope for innovative entrepreneurship and new partners

Entrepreneurship in the Helbling Group is exercised by managing partners.

The Helbling partners

  • realize their visions within the Helbling Group;
  • manage as a standard bearer a business within the Helbling Group, with responsibility for strategy, client development, service offering,
    employee recruitment, leadership and quality management;
  • share the value and the risks of the Helbling Group with a considerable financial commitment;
  • develop talented entrepreneurs in their own area of responsibility;
  • generate the financial resources required to develop their business;
  • behave with integrity and professionalism at all times as representative of the Helbling Group both internally and externally;
  • actively promote trust and friendship and stand together with other Helbling entrepreneurs in good and in bad times.

Growing means thriving entrepreneurship and new partners

We see market penetration as an essential factor in our performance.

We strive to achieve a leading position in our defined market segments.

We want to grow for the benefit of our employees and a natural offshoot of our success in competition.

Growth, external financing and risk-taking must be subordinate to our independence.

We take the interests of our business partners seriously

Our relationships with our business partners must be fair and respectful and promote long-term co-operation.

We treat our suppliers as partners.

We always work towards our own goals and values and not against our competitors.

Innovation to shape a future worth living for

Our company’s culture strives to bring out the best in its people and the environment we operate in. Through our federalist system, we aim to provide a space that gives our people the freedom and assistance they need to innovate.

These are the forces that move us forward toward a shared future of sustainability and achievement we can all be proud of having played a part in creating.

Creating these opportunities for sustainable growth can and will be done with our customers to open up doors to opportunity not yet considered but waiting to be taken.

Our internationalism is determined by our business

The degree of internationalism (projects, co-operation partners, Group companies, etc.) is determined by requirements in the business areas and supported within the scope of the Helbling nexus.

Reasons may include client development, professionalism, expertise, credibility, attractiveness for employees, etc.

Federalism as a strategic element

Within the scope of the group strategy, our business areas use the Helbling platform for their own development.

The organization of the Group is based on the following principles

  • Each organizational unit is run by a leader with a mission (standard-bearer principle).
  • Small enough to be personal, flexible, manageable and co-operative (team).
  • Big enough to be efficient, economical and strong (business areas, group).
  • Diverse enough to provide comprehensive solutions (nexus, synergy).

Decisions are taken by those responsible

We require our employees to co-operate within defined areas of responsibility, and strive for a high degree of congruity between what employees wish to do and what must be done.

As part of the process of delegating authority and responsibility, the employees responsible for the implementation are involved in the discussion and consensus-building process before decisions are taken. Ultimately, the person responsible takes the decision.

It is better to exceed one‘s authority than not to take a chance.

We say what we do and we do what we say.

Profits and value creation are essential

We want to achieve financial earnings (profitability) and a value generation which allow us to ensure the further development and long-term existence of our company.

Profitability and attractive participation models (employee stock ownership) ensure our independence.

The overall return (dividends and value creation) must be above average (benchmarking).

We are independent and shape our future ourselves

We are an independent company headquartered in Switzerland. Our values arise from a liberal, federalist attitude with a high degree of
corporate social responsibility.

The Helbling Group is owned by managing partners and employees.

We want to shape our future, and thus our freedom of action, by ourselves.

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