Energy Concepts

The solution of energy issues and thus the making of policy decisions are often based on technically sophisticated, resilient energy concepts. Thanks to our expertise, we are able to present such concepts to you in a tailor-made way. These can range, for example, from the intelligent energetic networking of areas, to energy optimizations of their real estate portfolios, to process-oriented energy optimization of their industrial production process. In the concept development, we use intelligent tools and in-house developed simulations to enable you a great decision flexibility.

Energy networks in facilities

  • Development of comprehensive strategies for facility networking for overarching synergy between buildings

Energy optimization

  • Energy analyses and calculations for production industry
  • Technical and financial development of improvement strategies

Energy systems

  • Preparation and calculation of new energy approaches
  • Financial and technical assessment of system versions
  • Feasibility studies | Evaluations

Implementation of new energy solutions

  • Practical planning of energy systems
  • Conversion of steam and hot water systems
  • Assistance in procuring industrial installations
  • Detail engineering for plant construction
  • Support with on-site implementation including startup

Pinch method of energy optimization

  • Systematic procedure and evaluation of production processes
  • Energy cost reduction
  • Preparation of reliable energy data for strategic planning of production processes
  • Preparation of target agreements for the Federal Office of Energy (BFE)
  • Development of optimization strategies

Energy consulting

  • Market analyses
  • Evaluation of existing production processes
  • Plausibility check of existing project data and approaches
  • Evaluation of energy contracts
  • Assistance in negotiations with energy suppliers

Simulations for Real Estate and Energy Projects

In the field of real estate projects, it is necessary today to do more than just comply with the regulative standards. Our goal is to help ensure that you get a building that is designed to meet your needs.

Find out from the very beginning how your building will react and how it will work. We achieve this by putting the building to the virtual test and provide you with a reliable basis for decision-making. For this, we prepare proofs of functionality and comfort by means of thermal building simulations and room air simulations (CFD), among other things for

  • Summer thermal insulation of real estate
  • Simulations for energy networks
  • Simulations for delivery systems for heating and cooling
  • Simulations for low-tech real estate
  • Simulations for parking ventilation systems
  • Simulations for smoke extraction concepts
  • Use simulation models to realistically depict the dynamic behavior of an overall system
  • Integrate the technical results from the simulations in technical planning and cost efficiency analyses

Simulationen für Immobilienprojekte und energetische Arealvernetzung

Im Bereich der Immobilienprojekte gilt es heute mehr als nur die Norm zu erfüllen. Unser Ziel ist es, dazu beizutragen, dass Sie ein Gebäude erhalten, welches auf Ihre Bedürfnisse abgestimmt ist.

Erfahren Sie schon von Anfang an, was Ihr Gebäude leistet und wie es funktioniert. Dies erreichen wir, indem wir das Gebäude auf den virtuellen Prüfstand schicken und belastbare Entscheidungsgrundlagen bekommen.
Wir erstellen dazu Nachweise bezüglich Funktionalität und Behaglichkeit mittels thermischer Gebäudesimulationen und Raumluftsimulationen (CFD), unter anderem für

  • Sommerlichen Wärmeschutz von Immobilien
  • Simulationen für die energetische Arealvernetzung
  • Simulationen für Abgabesysteme für Wärme und Kälte
  • Simulationen für Low-Tech Immobilien
  • Simulationen für Parkinglüftungen
  • Simulationen für  Entrauchungskonzepte
  • Nutzen von Simulationsmodellen zur realitätsnahen Darstellung des dynamischen Verhaltens eines Gesamtsystems
  • Integrieren der Ergebnisse aus den Simulationen in die technische Planung und Wirtschaftlichkeitsberechnung

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