What we expect:

Professional expertise

Our employees’ core qualification is their technical or business expertise. They generally have a degree from a university or a technical college. Experienced professionals have further expertise learned “on the job” and broadened with further training. Our typical employee is a specialist in one or more fields – or is on the way to being one – and brings their competence to teams that may differ in make-up from project to project.

Commitment and flexibility

We want to strengthen the innovation and competitiveness of our customers through our services. The projects that our customers entrust to us for this purpose are not only professionally challenging, they also are often subject to tight deadlines. We meet this challenge with efficient processes and structures that undergo continual optimisation measures. At the same time, it is essential that our employees bring a high level of commitment and flexibility to their work, depending on the project and project phase.

Enthusiasm and motivation

Only those who bring passion and dedication to their work can create something new. This applies not only to the arts and sciences, but also to engineering and consulting. Our employees welcome opportunities to tackle strenuous challenges and are enthusiastic about finding innovative solutions to complex problems.

Willingness to learn

Many of our customers are active in dynamic markets characterised by rapid technological advances and sometimes radical new business models. To be able to assist such customers, we must anticipate all these developments in advance and know the associated opportunities and risks. This is only possible with employees who are eager to learn and embrace new things.

Social competency

Social competency is our employees’ most important competency after professional expertise. It is essential for an efficient and constructive team performance. At the same time, it ensures that the work atmosphere is not clouded by any misunderstandings or ambiguities, and that problems don’t smoulder unsolved.

Entrepreneurial thinking

The quality of our work rests on the knowledge and abilities of our employees, and on how we organise their collaboration with one another. We aim to continually optimise the corresponding structures and processes as a learning organisation. Much in the way of input and suggestions comes from the employees themselves. They have an overall view of what we provide beyond individual projects and view the company as their own.

Personal responsibility

The work on our customer’s challenging projects frequently involves confrontation with problems for which there are no existing solutions. Responsible employees dare to find solutions to these problems on their own and to present them both internally and externally.

Tolerance and respect

New ideas frequently emerge where different opinions, competences and experience are brought together constructively. However, this can only happen when all parties have tolerance, respect and understanding for one another. But not only that: such an environment is essential for the satisfaction of employees and for their willingness to give their best efforts. This enlightened attitude towards diversity naturally also extends to our relationship with our customers and partners in our close collaboration with them.

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