Digital Process Transformation

The term digital transformation (also called digital change) describes a process of change brought about by digital technologies. Digitalization affects companies in all industries and changes their industry structures permanently. On the one hand, manufacturing companies are threatened by new market participants and declining margins, but on the other hand, especially for manufacturing companies there are innovative opportunities through digitalization, such as significantly reducing time-to-market. In collaboration with you, we drive your digital transformation forward and bring together the capabilities your company needs to survive and grow in the digital age. We show you how to profitably harness the power of data and new technologies and optimize your operations to drive your digital growth and build and further strengthen a digital culture.  


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Digital Transformation

Is your organization facing or in the process of a digital transformation, where a wide variety of business areas will be touched or changed? Together, we design a transformation support tailored to your needs, which enables you to prepare your company in a structured way for the changed circumstances and future brought about by digitalization. Central topics here are:
  • Project and program management
  • Process optimization and standardization
  • Organizational development
  • Risk and cost management
  • Change management and support for affected employees
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Digital Strategy & Target Operating Model

Digital Strategy & Target Operating Model

For digital strategy and digital target operating model - considering digital opportunities and technologies - the focus is on the application of digital technologies with the aim of creating new differentiating business opportunities and business models. The newly developed digital strategy, which also describes the future digital target operating model, contains a structured action plan that leads to the concrete implementation of the digital transformation in the company. This transformation equally affects all areas of the company, touches and changes the leadership culture, the organization as well as the responsibilities. We support you in the creation of your digital strategy and your digital target operating model, starting with an inventory of where you currently stand and where you want to go. Thus, we provide the link between vision, strategy and the organizational structure. The basic principle for the development of the Digital Target Operating Model is the inclusion of the current operational management to be able to clearly represent necessary changes.

Product and Process Life Cycle Management (PLM)

A holistic Product and Process Lifecycle Management (PLM) helps your company, among other things, to develop the product as well as associated manufacturing processes faster and in high quality, to validate them if necessary and to bring them to market, to improve product and process safety and to increase sales opportunities. We support you in defining your PLM strategy based on our 60 years of experience in product and process development to also ideally design and optimize your product and process development processes. We also support you in a possible solution selection and the implementation of new processes and solutions in your organization with the following steps:
  • Assessment of the maturity of product and process development
  • Definition of optimization of product and process development processes
  • Selection or improvement of the optimal technical (PLM) solution
  • Implementation and support of the new processes and technical (PLM) solution
  • Change and training management

Digital Finance / Digital Control Concept

Do you have a clear and consistent digital control concept, supported by the latest technical solutions, with the help of which the company is controlled in real time? Is your control concept and the associated value flows consistently and appropriately reflected in your ERP system? Do you already use your data for further realtime analyses and do you have a clear BI strategy? These and other questions pose new challenges for CFOs, because the digitized enterprise requires new competencies, data processing capabilities and processes. Traditional finance needs to grow beyond traditional functions and provide new insights and forecasts that accelerate decision making across all business functions. We support you in digitizing as well as optimizing your finance and controlling and in developing your finance department into a "best-in-class" finance organization.

Digital Manufacturing / 
MES Entry

To meet today's demands for automated production such as optimized machine utilization, integrated production planning, data collection for tracking or evaluation of production metrics. We support you in defining your digitization concept in close cooperation, designing as well as optimizing the production processes and accompany you in the solution selection and implementation in your organization. We are happy to support you with:
  • Assessment of your MES maturity
  • Optimization of your production processes
  • MES system tendering, selection and implementation support
  • Development of use cases around Cloud and IIoT applications

Digital Processes (ERP / CRM / MES, PLM, etc.)

Processes and especially processes along the value chain can be further automated or intelligently designed with digital tools. The standardization and automation of processes is focused on increasing costs and efficiency. The digitalization of processes, for example through the application of artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning, opens new opportunities, promotes market growth and leads to strategic advantages over the competition. Based on our many years of industry experience, we have a comprehensive process library of core business processes and have derived sustainable best practices from it. This enables us to efficiently determine your process maturity level, develop optimization proposals, and implement the new or optimized processes in a targeted and sustainable manner.  


Are you already using SAP and want to migrate to SAP S/4HANA or are you introducing SAP as a new ERP system? Then we are the right partner for you on this journey! Together we analyze and evaluate your current processes, determine the new possibilities with SAP S/4HANA, optimize the existing processes and finally map them in the system. In case of a system change from SAP R/3 to SAP S/4HNA, we help you with the initial analysis, planning, preparation and implementation. Check our competencies for SAP S/4HANA:
  • SAP S/4HANA preliminary study based on the proven Helbling framework
  • Development of the approach (brownfield vs. greenfield as well as possible intermediate stages)
  • Process definition and optimization (taking SAP and best practices into account)
  • Implementation of SAP S/4HANA
  • Migration to SAP S/4HANA
  • Integration management (cross-module and cross-system interfaces) for embedding SAP S/4HANA in end-to-end digitalization
  • Implementation, project and program management

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