Innovation pre-projects


In innovation preliminary projects, we develop product visions as well as product and optimization ideas into resilient rough concepts. In this way, we create the basis for your investment decisions and their innovative, pragmatic and risk-oriented implementation.

Your questions:

You have an idea for a new USP, you know unaddressed customer needs, or you are facing challenges due to changing market dynamics:

  • Does the idea really meet a market need?
  • How can the innovation prevail over other products?
  • Can it be implemented technically and will opportunities that arise be exploited?
  • How high is the implementation effort?
  • Is the innovation economically worthwhile?
  • How is more modularity and efficiency possible?
  • How can we become more sustainable with our product portfolio?

We help you to quickly firm up ideas and to significantly reduce the risks of failure.

Development projects devour resources and tie up experienced employees. This is why it is essential to clarify the most important questions regarding benefits, economic efficiency, technical feasibility, and sustainability early in a project and to answer them in a rough concept.

We support you with a pragmatic but stringent approach that seeks the right balance of the following four factors and produces the appropriate concepts in a chance and risk-oriented manner.

Core services

Product Innovation

You have a rough product idea or an identified customer need. We support you in transforming this into a verified rough concept. In doing so, we take into account customer benefits, economic efficiency, technical feasibility, and sustainability. Thus, we create the basis for your investment decisions and their implementation.

Your questions:

  • How do we fill our idea and product pipeline?
  • How do we systematically develop a new product generation?
  • How do we efficiently test ideas for feasibility?
  • What are the implementation costs, development time, opportunities, and risks?

A rough concept provides security even before major investments and resources are put into a development project. It contains: 

  • Specifications of the most important requirements
  • Overview of market or customer requirements
  • Rough estimates of manufacturing and development costs
  • Initial profitability calculations and a rough business case
  • Risk list with measures
  • Functional models to check critical aspects
  • Design concept/visualizations
  • Roadmap with next steps


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