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A simple, quick glance at the dashboard replaces the time-consuming and sometimes dangerous walk in the field: the Geobrugg GUARD is a smart device attached to the rope of a flexible net barrier. Waterproof and with a battery life of seven to ten years, it comes equipped with a selection of sensors to measure environmental and physical data. It transmits multiply encrypted measurement data via mobile radio to the cloud.

Key Figures

  • An autonomous IoT device for continuously capturing measurement data, such as the tensile force in a rope (DMS), corrosion and acceleration parameters, and environmental data.
  • Encrypted transmission of measurement data to a Google cloud (MQTT and Protobuf)
  • Can hold up in challenging environmental conditions:
    - temperature range of -30° to 80°
    - Waterproofed for rain & snow
    - Accelerations up to 200g
  • Battery life: 7 - 10 years

Our Contribution

  • IoT data logger Geobrugg GUARD was developed over several project phases from conception to series production

  • Extensive field tests on network bars could already be carried out with the first functional samples

  • Manufacturing costs were optimized in the development stage

  • Device was industralized in collaboration with a manufacturing partner

  • System tests (environmental conditions, radio pre-tests, EMC lifetime, metrology and acceleration) were carried out

  • Design transfer through to production



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