Hawa Sliding Solutions "Project Plus+ - Growing Together"

Hawa Sliding Solutions was formed in a merger by assistance of Helbling Business Advisors.  Synergies were realized and a growth program was set up. The project was awarded the “ASCO-Economiesuisse Award 2019” for the best consulting project in Switzerland.

Our Services

  • Determination of the objectives, evaluation of the benefits and potentials of the merger

  • Comprehensive transformation management

  • Realization of synergies

  • Design of a growth strategy

  • Reorganization & implementation of a mutual ERP/PLM solution


Significant synergies were realized, especially in sales, customer service, administration, IT and purchasing. Growth was initiated in Asia, the USA, Northern Europe, direct sales to industrial customers and by product and service innovation.

The return on consulting - external costs versus quantitative benefits generated during the project - was approximately 10:1.


Thomas Bertschinger

Hohlstrasse 614
8048 Zürich

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