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SLAM Session at Helbling Technik!

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the newest member of the Helbling team: "HelMoRo." His full name is "Helbling Mobile Robot", but he prefers to go by his nickname. The HelMoRo story began with a simple goal: to create an autonomous robot that can self-navigate through different environments using low-cost components and open-source algorithms.

Using these algorithms and components, HelMoRo can autonomously navigate through a room and successfully avoid objects in his path. To plan an optimal path HelMoRo uses a virtual map which he created previously using "SLAM" ("Simultaneous Localization and Mapping"), where no prior information or external navigation guidance is required. Furthermore, can he detect and autonomously pick specific objects using his camera and computer vision algorithms.

Why does this matter? HelMoRo is a small example that highlights the future potential such technology has, for example with intralogistics. There are clear advantages to this; there is no need for prior programming and path-mapping can effectively occur in real time, meaning infrastructure level changes can occur without having to tweak the robot’s code or reinstallation of external guiding elements.

This project shows that the successful implementation of autonomous navigation technology for indoor spaces is possible using cost effective sensors and open-source algorithms. HelMoRo demonstrates that Helbling is able support clients with these complex robotic topics and aid in the implementation of such technologies in a functionally effective manner.

Enjoy the showcase of this technology we put together for you!

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